Creating Playbooks For Discovery, Ignition & Growth

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  • A writing practice with built-in feedback mechanism (i.e. peer review)
  • A framework to build authentic psychological safety on small teams
  • A structured approach to identifying, analyzing & solving problems
  • An insurance policy against key-person risk and tribal knowledge
  • A system for onboarding, knowledge transfer and archives
  • Low-cost — it’s about you and your people, not a consulting army + front-loaded digital investment and never-ending implementation costs
  • Minimally invasive — require only a few hours per week from leadership working 1:1/small groups
  • Better outcomes related to technology investments based on rigorous assessment (implementation, integration, useability, security, data portability, service-life)
  • WFH/Remote/Distributed — this was purpose-built for remote engagement, not re-tooled as a panic response to covid-19
  • As an alternative / additional approach to existing operations strategy & business transformation
  • Playbooks for skunkworks / R&D teams / innovation initiatives / hackathons (both software & wetware)
  • De-risking measures / special projects planning, documentation & archives
  • Simplicity — because complexity stalls progress
  • Constraints — because limits ignite cognitive super powers
  • Transparency — because radical candor leads to better outcomes

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