Helpful resources for thinking and leading change - business transformation, innovation, agility.

"The hardest part of a digital transformation is us, the 'analog' humans." -- Jesus Mantas


It's Time To Build by Marc Andreessen

What 9/11 Taught Us About Leadership In A Crisis by Stanley McChrystal and Chris Fussell in NYTimes

To Change The Way You Think, Change The Way You See by Adam Brandenburger in Harvard Business Review

Why Companies Do "Innovation Theater" Instead Of Actual Innovation by Steve Blank in Harvard Business Review

Turning Strategy Into Results by Donald Sull, Stefano Turconi, Charles Sull, and James Yoder in MIT Sloan Management Review

Why Facts Don't Change Our Minds by James Clear on his blog

The Cognitive Biases Tricking Your Brain by Ben Yagoda in The Atlantic

Listen, Amplify, Include: Leadership For The Modern Age by David Gillespie in Brink

To Control Your Life, Control What You Pay Attention To by Maura Thomas in Harvard Business Review

How To Scale A Magical Experience: 4 Lessons From Airbnb's Brian Chesky by Reid Hoffman on LinkedIn

People, Not Technology, Are Key To Digital Transformation by David Brown in Forbes

What It's Like To Go Without Complaining For A Month by Jessica Hullinger in Fast Company

HBR Embraces Agile At Scale: Rethinking How We Live And Work by Steve Denning in Forbes

Why So Many High-Profile Digital Transformation Fail by Thomas H. Davenport and George Westerman in Harvard Business Review

Reversing Alinsky's Rules by Seth Godin on his blog

Principles: Life And Work, Ray Dalio

Good To Great: Why Some Companies Make The Leap And Others Don't, Jim Collins

The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building A Business When There Are No Easy Answers, Ben Horowitz

The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More & Change The Way You Lead Forever, Michael Bungay Stanier

The Two Cultures And The Scientific Revolution: A Second Look, C.P. Snow

Managing Oneself, Peter Drucker

The Talent Code: Greatness Isn't Born. It's Grown. Here's How., Daniel Coyle

Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming The Unseen Forces That Stand In The Way Of True Inspiration, Ed Catmull and Amy Wallace

Storynomics: Story-Driven Marketing In The Post-Advertising World, Robert McKee and Tom Gerace

Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way To Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones, James Clear

This medium allows for broad & deep exploration of subject matter that legacy media ignore.
I look to "human synthesizers" and learning outside my domain as a source of ideas & inspiration. You'll find topics that cross business, science & technology, ideology, human performance, and creativity.
While I've listed a few specific episodes as potential starting points, these podcasts cover a range of topics and are all worth a closer look.

The James Altucher Show: #422, George Gilder - How To Think Like A Futurist

The Moment w/ Brian Koppelman: Marc Andreessen 3/12/19

The Tim Ferriss Show - Jim Collins, A Rare Interview with a Reclusive Poymath #361

The Portal w/ Eric Weinstein: #1 with Peter Thiel, #4 with Timur Kuran

33Voices w/ Moe Abdou: Kapil Gupta - The Truth About Performance

The Joe Rogan Experience: #1309, Naval Ravikant

Below The Line w/ James Beshara: #1, Justin Kan - The Philosopher CEO